Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Things You Need for $5 Bucks!

When was the last time you got anything Great for $5 Bucks?

Let alone hire someone to do something for $5 bucks.

Fiverr has over 3 million "GIGS" or small jobs that people will do to help market your business.

Here's a Top 10 List  of the 3 Million GIG's that you can use to help market your business.

Professional Logo Design for Your Business

idesigners  100% positive rating by 6090 votes

will design you a professional logo for your Business for $5 Bucks. Now for $5 bucks you won't expect much, but you would be wrong. This guy is as good as the Big Professional designers that charge you $2,000.

See idesigners GIG on Fiverr HERE 

Professional Flyer Design 

 alynna  100% positive rating by 1753 votes

will design a perfectly planned, eye catching FLYER ,the best flyer design service for $5

Ever wanted that perfect flyer, but didn't want fork over $500 bucks for all the custom graphics work? alynna will get it done better than the BIG GUYS for $5 bucks
Seealynna GIG on Fiverr HERE

Professional Video Voice Over (radio,webpage quality)

 Need a Professional Video with Voice Over?

Wouldn't be great to have a professional video and voice over just like the big companies without the BIG price. Yes She'll do it for $5 Bucks! 

silvervirtual's Gigs 99% positive rating by 146 votes

See Here Portfolio Here on Fiverr


Manually Submit Your Small Business website to 20 Social local directories /bookmark sites

Search fvchamp GIG's 100% positive rating by 5502 votes

Ever try to manually submit your website to sites like Stumbleupon, Diggo, Tumblr, Delicious, BuzzNet, A1-Webmarks,, etc it can take hours and hours.

fvchamp will do it for $5 Bucks

 Fix Your WordPress Website:

 How many times have you been frustrated with your website and didn't know where to turn. Now you can have a "In House" Website Guru.

Search "wordpress" here on Fiverr


Hire a Virtual Assistant:

You can Hire someone for 2 Hours of work for $5 bucks.

These Virtual Assistants Do Everything!

  • Data Entry
  • Web Research
  • Search Engine Optimization (on page)
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc)
  • Graphics Editing
  • Handling emails
  • Product Listing
  • Documents or 
  • and more

Search " Virtual Assistant" here on Fiverr 

You can't beat FIVERR for the Price, but what will surprise you is the extremely HIGH quality of the work you get.